Physical Game Is Available!


Calling all survivors… The physical Shelter card game is now available as “Print on Demand” through The Game Crafter in the US:
Mega-Pack or Starter-Pack

Booster packs for individual zombie or survivor cards are also available: Survivor Booster or Zombie Booster

Unfortunately, the cost of delivery outside of the US can be extreme and I have been unable to find a similar service in Europe. I will keep looking at options but need to concentrate on development of the digital game right now. If anybody can help point me in the right direction it would be hugely appreciated.

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Physical Game Coming Soon

Calling all survivors! The first version of the physical game of Shelter has just arrived at my door. There is plenty that needs doing, but I’ll post more as I go.

Physical Shelter

Physical Shelter

I’m currently trying to work out the best way to package it all together. Right now I’m thinking:

  1. A large “Mega Pack” with a broad selection of cards, carry-round tuck boxes, a decent size manual and plenty of damage and effect tokens all shipped in a large box.
  2. A small “Base Pack” with a smaller selection of cards and tokens and an online manual that gives everything you need to get playing at a lower price.
  3. Booster packs for zombie and survivor cards.

Putting this together has given me loads of pointers on how to improve Shelter, and I’m hoping to design the sequel as both a physical and digital game in parallel. Don’t worry, I’m still working on adding features and content for Shelter, but I can see various improvements that I can’t retrofit into the existing game. Therefore I will designing, planning and testing the sequel in the background until I switch focus.

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Shelter Free on WP – Today Only

Shelter is the free app of the day with myAppFree on Windows Phone.

Grab it quickly, as it reverts to its original price tomorrow.

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Shelter Re-released

Shelter is now back on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore!

Thanks to all the testers who helped me track down the evil hibernate bug and thanks for all the feedback. I’ve made a number of minor changes based on that feedback alongside the major fix. I always welcome new feedback, though, so if you have any thoughts then just get in touch through the contact page.


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Beta Testers Needed

Calling all survivors!

Shelter will be making its way to iPhone and Android shortly. As you probably know, it was recently hit by a number of bugs that affected a cross section of users and that I found very hard to reproduce. In order to prevent the same issue from occurring again and to check that my fixes have fully caught the issue, I am opening the game up to beta testers through the Test-Flight system.

I need approximately 100 people to play the game on both Android and iPhone (50 per platform, iPhone 3GS+ and Android 2.3+ devices with WVGA or larger screens) and report any problems they find. The previous issue caused freezes and input issues at various points in play on certain devices.

If you are able to help and want to play Shelter for free then follow the link below:

EDIT: The beta is now closed to new applicants. Thanks for helping me make Shelter the best game it can be.

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Shelter Pulled Temporarily

Unfortunately, since release a number of users on different devices have reported an issue with lock-ups and freezes at various points in the game. Not everybody will be affected, but enough people have been hit that I have decided to pull Shelter from the various markets whilst I sort the problem.

I have tracked down the main issue, fixed it, and am now testing that it is fully sorted and was not hiding any other bugs. Once testing is complete I will re-submit to the various markets for certification and start an open beta testing process in order to increase the range of devices the phone is tested on before release. Hopefully, that means that the game will be available at the end of this week (7th June).

A huge apology to everyone who has been affected, and to those who were looking forward to downloading the game this weekend. Hopefully I can resolve this to everyone’s satisfaction as soon as possible.

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Shelter – Out now on iOS & Android

Calling all survivors…

…Shelter is finally available to buy on iPhone and Android!

The full list of markets so far is right here:

Apple AppStore

Google Play

WP Market

Amazon AppStore

Enjoy and, as ever, let me know what you think or if you have any problems.

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100% Indie Interview

Hey everyone. I recently did an interview with a site called 100% Indie on the learning curve of indie development.

His debut title Shelter hit Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform last year, and skillfully channels card-battling games like Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh to create a unique mobile experience.

100% Indie provides a spotlight on indie development for Android. They have teamed with Samsung to support developers by giving them 100% revenue share on their games.

You can read the interview here.

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Shelter Free – On WP

Shelter Free is now available to download on Windows Phone!


The free version of Shelter contains all of the features of the paid version, but is subsidised by advertising. I hope you all enjoy it!

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Shelter Patch – Out Now

A new patch for Shelter has just been released on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

This patch features the following changes:

  • FIX: Cards with the symbiote trait no longer causes a crash when the host is killed.
    • This was a game-breaker caused by a fix to a different card bug before release that meant the symbiote was accidentally being killed twice. Unfortunately, after fixing the previous bug, I did not catch the knock on effect this had on symbiotes.
  • FIX: Player can no longer use the back button to break the reward counter when receiving card rewards after a duel.
    • Using the back button when recieving rewards used to kill the card popup showing the player what they had received and allowing them to choose another reward. As this also threw the counter off, the player could then stock up on as many rewards as they liked.
  • FEATURE: Double-tapping during a comic sequence or tutorial now fast forwards. Repeat to switch back to normal speed.
    • The tutorials especially can be quite long, so it seemed sensible to allow the player to skip through sections to the relevant information.

I hope these changes improve everyone’s enjoyment of the game. If anybody wants to suggest a feature or point out something they think isn’t working as intended then please contact me via or use the Contact page.

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