3-2-1-Zombies is no longer available for sale.


Run For Your Life

Dodge, bounce, stumble and dash along the neon streets as you race to escape the zombies snapping at your heels.

Beat Your Friends

How far can you get as the game gets faster and faster, and the zombie hordes accumulate behind you? Celebrate as you charge past your friends’ best runs and sprint up the leader-board.

Buy Power-ups To Give Yourself An Edge

Collect coins and gems to spend on power-ups that you can use to help your runs. Take along some squeaky chew toys to distract the zombies, some fresh new trainers to maintain your momentum, or a coin frenzy to help rack up the cash.


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  • Tilt based controls (on supported devices, with touch alternative).
  • Game Center and Google Play Games integration.
  • Leader-boards and achievements.
  • Everyplay video replays.
  • Record markers on the track for your friends’ best runs.
  • Quirky, low-poly graphics.
  • Procedural tracks; no 2 runs are the same.
  • Exciting power-ups, from chew toys to coin frenzy.
  • Easy to learn, nightmarish to master.
  • Catchy, energetic retro soundtrack.


3-2-1-Zombies! is designed with an emphasis on creating an addictive and challenging runner with unique controls. Created in Unity, the game leverages gyro controls on compatible devices to provide players with a frantic, fast-paced experience that will get the adrenaline flowing and keep you pushing that little bit further each run.


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